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Why Hire a Professional to Install Your Personal Security System?

Global Custom Integrations has 3 points to consider

Why Hire a Professional to Install Your Personal Security System?

Whether you live in bustling Manhattan or the quieter Connecticut suburbs, protecting your family, property, and valuables is going to be a priority. Especially as it has never been easier for homes and businesses to monitor what’s happening at the house or on site. 

Besides the obvious value of protection though, why should you consider new security options (or upgrades) when you’ve successfully avoided the “fad” up until now? And why should you work with an integrator instead of buying a “box” solution somewhere to install yourself? Global Custom Integrations is very happy you asked!

It seems like everything is wireless and connected, and security is no different. The difference today is real-time monitoring on your smart phone or tablet and immediate contact with authorities should anything be amiss.

The following are just a few advantages to having a wireless security system installed at home or at the office:

Real-time Verifications

Global Custom Integrations will connect your system and monitoring service to the smart phone or tablet of your choice. When an alarm is triggered, you receive an instant notification along with the emergency services. You can even choose to receive an alert before emergency services (so you can determine the validity of the alarm).

With immediate notification, you don’t have to worry about emergency services wasting valuable time trying to track you down to inform you about a burst water pipe at headquarters or a possible break in at home as you’ll be notified the same time they are. Make important decisions more rapidly with confidence that you’re on top of the situation.

Effective & Dependable

A wireless surveillance system monitors your home without phone or power lines. While a traditional security system needs to be plugged into the wall and connected to a telephone line, you have the peace of mind knowing a burglar can’t simply cut a few wires to break in with impunity. Wireless systems that use cell phone frequencies are run on batteries (designed to last 3-5 years), ensuring your wire-free alarm system will be there for you when you need it most.

A Great Foundation for Home Automation

Wireless surveillance is gaining popularity due in large part to the Home Automation features. Not only can you lock the doors and arm (or disarm) the security, but turn your lights on/off, control your thermostat and even raise the shades with the same system. No more dashing across a chilly floor to turn up the heat!

Opening a new business or planning a trip soon? Call Global Custom Integrations today and ask us about our professional Security and Surveillance services. We will collaborate with you to find the right mix of cameras and alert options for your home or business to ensure you have one less thing to stress about.

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