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What are some of the 4K Options in My New York Home Theater?

Global Custom Integrations Discusses the Best Options for a Spectacular Night at the (Home) Movies

What are some of the 4K Options in My New York Home Theater?

Just like many things go into creating the perfect date night – flowers, romantic candle light, a great movie – at Global Custom Integrations, we know the same can be said for planning the ultimate home theater setup in your New York home.

A spectacular home theater experience is comprised of many things, from sight and sound to furniture and architecture. The environment is tuned just right for the best viewing experience possible. Now imagine that stunning picture in four times the clarity of your current screen with a UHD 4K screen!

Looking to make the newest 4K technology a part of your entertainment experience? The home theater experts at GCI can help bring your dreams to life.

Wall Mounted UHD Flat Screens

Ultra HD televisions bring more overall clarity, detail, color depth and smoothness to your picture, making them a great option for a high definition display in a multi-purpose media room or even a home theater that also doubles as a game room. Multiple manufacturers make a variety of ultra-high definition displays ranging from 40” to 72”, for discreet placement within even the most elegant living areas. With 4k televisions rising in popularity, the amount of content being created for them is continuing to rise as well. GCI can also provide upgraded networking solutions so you can experience the full beauty of 4K.

Go Big with 4k Screens and Projectors

With a projector and screen, both components play an integral part in creating the best picture. A projector system doesn’t have to be obtrusive. It can even be integrated into your home using drop down screens and hidden ceiling-mounted projectors. This setup works essentially in the same manner as a traditional TV, allowing you to use all of the same content sources. The main differences in setup are handled by your integration specialist to ensure your speaker system is handling the audio portion of your signal. And while a front projection system might provide you with a much larger viewer area, it doesn’t necessarily have to hit you harder in the pocket.

Full Integrated Control of Every Source

At GCI we believe that your 4K display is the leading man of your home entertainment experience, but ultimately still needs to be supported by an all-star cast of other technologies. Hence we only use the best components, cables and control systems to make sure you get the most out of your home theater. From integrated video sources to networked movie servers, we make sure can watch every game, television show or movie regardless of whether it is on-demand, streamed or broadcast cable. We also recommend custom controlled lighting solutions from Lutron and Control4 to provide different lighting scenes based on how your room is being used.

With the next generation of 4K TVs and projectors growing in popularity, Ultra HD viewing technology is the next big thing to include in your home theater setup. For a properly installed theater setup, make sure to contact a qualified custom integrator, (like the folks at GCI) for a calibrated system complete with the latest 4k technology.