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Global Custom Integrations & Lutron

Your Partners in Light & Shade Solutions GC Integrations Offers HomeWorks® QS by Lutron® – Redefining your way of life

Global Custom Integrations & Lutron

How can total home control provide peace of mind? Allow GC Integrations to illuminate…

Whether you’re upgrading the family residence or will soon have a new home under construction (in Manhattan, Westchester, or Greenwich, for example) Global Custom Integrations puts you in command of every room every day.

HomeWorks QS by Lutron has been designed so that you control ALL your light with…

  • Preset multi-room scenes
  • Smart device controls
  • PC-based programming
  • Demand response capabilities and more


Benefits Inside & Out

Total home control with GC Integrations includes energy savings, convenience, ambiance, and security. We customize each system specifically to the way you live.

Integrate HomeWorks QS with your Android™, iPhone®, iPod touch®, and easily check the status of your lights (and shades and temperature), even when you’re away from home. Then brighten key entry points and specific exterior lights with a single press of a button before you get out of the car.

The HomeWorks QS time clock also saves energy by automatically dimming the landscape lighting at night, and turning it off at sunrise.

Ready to party? The best hosts show exceptional attention to details. Keep the lights raised in the work area while you prepare drinks and hors d’oeuvres, and leave the other rooms dim until your guests arrive. Then transform any room with preset event lighting for the perfect accent to a perfect gathering.


GC Integrations Helps Get it All Together

When you want to adjust the lights, the shades, the A/C, the music…you probably don’t want half-a-dozen switches littering your counter space. With HomeWorks QS, installed by GC Integrations, you’ll have one dynamic keypad to control it all:

  • Lights – Make sure the light is right for every occasion
  • Shades – Convert harsh glare into a soft, pleasing ambiance that preserves both your view and your furnishings
  • Temperature – Adjust the heat or A/C any time of the day, even while you’re away
  • Appliances – Turn off small appliances at your convenience, from the toaster to the flat screen
  • Audio/Visuals – Set the mood in every room from one convenient location
  • Energy – Start saving energy throughout your home without sacrificing comfort or convenience


Customize & Accessorize to Your Taste

HomeWorks QS hardware (keypads, etc.) come in a range of color palettes to complement any room’s aesthetics. Lutron’s custom-made window treatments are available in a variety of styles, fabrics and woven woods. Establish your priorities with occupancy/vacancy sensors to automatically turn lights on when you enter a room, and then off when you leave. Create pathways of light throughout your property for increased safety and security.

Call GC Integrations today, and find out how HomeWorks QS from Lutron can put you in complete control of your lights, shades and more tomorrow…