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Global Custom Integration and the New Savant Smart Series

Adding control to every room in every home

Global Custom Integration and the New Savant Smart Series

Imagine walking through your door at the end of the day. You press the “Home” button on your smart phone and your preferred lights turn on throughout your house, the temperature gets adjusted to your predetermined comfort (after saving energy all day), your favorite music starts playing…and the jets in your hot tub activate (because why not?). That all sounds like it would take a year and a 2nd mortgage to set up, doesn’t it? Thankfully, with Savant Systems and Global Custom Integrations, we make such technology solutions accessible to just about everyone looking to take control of their environment.

Savant offers groundbreaking home automation control solutions, designed to bring together all the smart home technology, media content, and internet connectivity that – when working in concert – result in an efficient and comfortable lifestyle.

Now imagine leaving your house, pressing the “Away” function, and your automated lighting control turns off and closes the preset lights and shades, returns to energy conserving temperatures and activates your security system. If you imagined wondering to yourself how you ever lived without this kind of functionality, you should give GCI a call soon.

Savant’s new Smart Series is a line of control and automation products designed to bring the home automation experience virtually everyone, whether they live in an expansive manor or a modest brownstone. Complete packages include the Smart Host, Savant’s new Wi-Fi based Universal Remote Control, and a controller with ports for different connected devices. An average integration has a single Smart Host, but can support as many controllers and remotes as you’d like throughout the house. Installing the system in multiple rooms can bring down the cost per room considerably.

Savant’s Smart Series is a professionally-installed home automation system that requires a technology integrator for installation and configuration. We recommend Global Custom Integrations, since it’s our blog (and also because we’re really good).

Before you know it, you’ll be waking up in the morning with shades opening automatically, your path to the bathroom and kitchen lit without igniting a glaring brilliance throughout the home, and your favorite morning news show turns on. You don’t have to be imagining it. You could be living it, performing any of these home control functions and more by using Savant’s Automation Applications on your iPad, iPhone or iPad touch.

Call Global Custom Integrations today and discover how easy it can be to have the control you’ve always imagined.

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