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GCI Has the Best Home Media Distribution Solutions for Connecticut

DigitalMedia™ from Crestron will Transform your Automated Home

GCI Has the Best Home Media Distribution Solutions for Connecticut

There are countless benefits to home automation, from increasing your security to lowering your energy costs. But the real fun of home automation doesn’t come from the things that you need, it comes from the things you want – like whole home media distribution. Imagine rocking out to your favorite music in every room of your house, or watching the Sunday afternoon football game while your kids play videogames on the TV next to you.  There’s no clutter, no wires and no mess taking up valuable space in your media room. With DigitalMedia™ by Crestron installed by the CE professionals at GCI, the most complex parts of your media system are nearly invisible, easy to control and fun to use.

What’s So Special about Crestron DigitalMedia?

Do you have a TV in your living room and bedrooms? Do you have a radio or iPod dock in your bathrooms and kitchen? Well, then you already have a rudimentary version of whole home audio video. But if you want the best possible audio/video quality, then you’re looking for centralized home media distribution. DigitalMedia™ will add convenience to your control and nearly infinite options to your entertainment choices, so you’ll be able to control your whole home’s media with the touch of a button on your tablet or mobile device.

Make a Game Room the Best Room in your Home

Picture a game room. Does it sport three or four of your friends huddled around a single television screen, each competing over the best viewing angle? Now picture this: multiple TVs with multiple sources that allow each player to view their own screen without interrupting anyone else. And now imagine that your audio choices aren’t limited to either the sound effects of the game or music from your stereo, but that two different sources are giving you two different audio signals and you get the best of both worlds. Now notice that there are no wires and clunky equipment taking up all the space. That’s the kind of freedom that centralized home media distribution will afford you.

All of the Equipment in One Place

Rather than having bulky equipment cluttering up your various rooms, a centralized system will almost entirely be run from a rack in your basement or an unused closet. Some people like to keep a Blu-Ray player in their different rooms for convenience, but otherwise you can say goodbye to ugly devices and hello to a beautiful home décor.

Are you ready to upgrade to digital media distribution throughout your Connecticut home? Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can begin the process of making your house the most efficient and entertaining area of your life.