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Four Immediate Benefits of Making the Switch to Motorized Shades

Global Customs Integrations Demonstrates How Remote Control Window Coverings Make Your Life Easier

Four Immediate Benefits of Making the Switch to Motorized Shades

When moving into a new home or adding a refresh to your current living space, window coverings are often overlooked as a vital component to your room’s design. However with the addition of a motor, window shades and draperies can be transformed into one of the centerpieces of your home décor. Automated shades are an investment worth making in your home for comfort and elegance that will last. If you are in the New York Area, Global Customs Integrations can help you decide which automated shading solution works best for you.

Comfort and Convenience

The first advantage that most people notice when they make the move to motorized shades is the convenience factor. With just one touch on a wireless remote, wall switch or mobile device, all of the shades in a room can be raised or lowered automatically. Shades can also be programmed to raise and lower with the sun, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

If you are a parent with a young child, motorized shades eliminate a number of safety hazards as well as the need to bother with wands or cords. Elderly residents and those with hard to reach windows.

Increased Protection

During the holidays or summer vacations shades can be used as a security feature for your empty home. Shades can give your home that “lived in” look even when you are hundreds of miles away. Simply set your windows to open and close at random intervals throughout the day, creating he illusion of occupancy.

Energy Savings

By controlling the amount of natural light entering a room you not only increase comfort, but save energy as well. Motorized shades help to block the heat out on a hot sunny day, and can be raised for maximum sunlight in your home during the winter months. Solar sensors can be installed so the process occurs automatically, helping save on energy bills and keeping your AC or heater from working overtime.

Enhanced Elegance

The convenience and beauty of automated lighting is truly enhanced when paired with the elegance of automated drapery. If you have a lot of windows, going around your home attempting to position all of them in a perfect alignment, is not only a huge hassle but it can be impossible sometimes to get them all in exactly the same position. With remote controlled shading, one press of a button and you’re done. In addition, motorized shades protect you home furnishing and upholstery the sun shining through your windows, which can cause damage over time.

Motorized shades come in a variety of form factors and systems. From hardwired, to battery operated and even those that operate on radio frequencies. Global Customs Integrations can answer all of your questions and help you figure out what type of shades best suit your needs and take the beauty of your home to the next level.