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Experience a Whole New World of Home Audio Video by Savant

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Experience a Whole New World of Home Audio Video by Savant

There are few things better that coming home after a long day at work in New York and putting on a good movie while chilling on the couch with the family. With home audio and video automation by Savant, lowering the lights, starting the surround sound system and playing the movie are as easy as hitting a button on your smart phone or tablet. Accessing theater-quality entertainment quickly and conveniently is just one benefit of a Savant audio video system. Read on to find out how one of the world’s premier automation technology experts can revolutionize what you see and hear in your smart home.

A Movie Palace in Your Private Castle 

The most obvious application of automated home audio and video is building a world-class, dedicated home theater in an unused room of your house. And why not? Imagine a world of entertainment at your finger-tips: streaming movie services like Netflix, Apple TV and more offer nearly endless hours of entertainment for your eyes and ears. Don’t be limited by a mere Blu-Ray collection ever again!

Music Through Your Entire House

If you’re more of an audiophile, you can stream infinite amounts of music to your home stereo, or hook up your playlist directly to your audio device and enjoy hours of tunes that sound as if the musicians are right there in the room with you.

Are you the life of the party? Whole home audio allows you to stream music throughout your house so that everyone at the party can enjoy it – without having to shout over it. Differing tastes? Set different playlists for different rooms, so the mood changes as your guests rotate around.

Stay Secure and Aware of Your Home 

Of course, there’s more to a home audio and video installation than just entertainment value. It can be an essential part of your security system. Savant helps you stay aware of what’s going on in and around your home with 4K surveillance systems. High-resolution, real time video can be streamed right to your smart phone or tablet whether you’re in the bedroom or at the grocery store. You’ll have instant access anywhere.

Want to stay in touch with the kids when they get home from school? An HD intercom allows you to connect face to face with your loved ones everywhere throughout your house. 

Are you ready to experience the benefits of home audio and video by Savant in your New York house? Contact us now to begin the installation process today.