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Are High Performance McIntosh Audio Systems For More Than Just Listening Rooms?

Global Customs Integrations Describes Brings the Best of High End Audio Systems to Every Inch of Your Home

Are High Performance McIntosh Audio Systems For More Than Just Listening Rooms?

Since 1949, many famous musicians, recording artists and producers have selected McIntosh audio systems for their sound quality, in order to experience music the way the artist intended.

While McIntosh is widely known for the expert engineering in their reference music systems, the full line of McIntosh products also include a variety of other components where performance, ergonomics, and quality construction all play equally important roles.

Want to experience or the superiority of McIntosh sound in new areas of you home? If you are in Connecticut or New York, Authorized McIntosh dealer Global Customs Integrations has you covered for all of your whole home audio needs.

Amplified Speakers in the Living Room

Designing a great loudspeaker is as much a subjective art as an engineering exercise. Since 1970, the McIntosh Acoustic Engineering team has been dedicated to creating high end audio speakers capable of reproducing a live musical event as accurately as possible. The acoustic balance of a speaker, even while taking full advantage of computer-aided design assistance, must, in the end, be fine-tuned by experienced ears.

Combining sonic finesse with the power capability to take you to a live performance is the hallmark of McIntosh high end loudspeakers. GCI can integrate Hi Fi speakers and home theater audio speakers into a complete setup for an exceptionally great sound, whether in a dedicated home theater or a modern multi-purpose media room.

Digital Streaming in the Kitchen

The music you love is no longer stored in one location. From a computer, to streaming radio services such as Pandora, to even mobile devices, our music collections should be accessible anywhere. With built in AirPlay®, the McIntosh McAire integrated audio system, allows you to connect to those places so you can enjoy all the music you want regardless of where it is stored.

The McAire’s space saving design and room filling sound makes this system versatile enough to accommodate the audio needs of any room in your home, especially areas like your bathroom and kitchen where sound should flow freely with minimal intervention.

In addition to providing access to an almost unlimited amount of music, McIntosh media streamer also lets you listen to your cloud and internet based digital music with the superior sound and fidelity that only McIntosh delivers.

Space-Saving Sound in the Home Office

If you demand full-bodied sound your audio experience – but have limited space – integrated audio systems, like the MXA7, are a great solution for the ultimate personal listening experience. Their compact package comes with simple functionality, for an easy to use, high quality system. Engineered to the same standard of quality as other McIntosh products, these systems include the flexibility to adapt to today’s consumer needs.

McIntosh Integrated Amplifiers combine the engineering and performance of separate preamplifiers and amplifiers into one. By sharing a single chassis, integrated amplifiers help reduce the overall footprint of the audio system or home stereo. Thus, the MXA60 and MXA70's compact size gives you choice and flexibility when deciding where to place them in your office, bedroom or vacation house.

No matter where you prefer your high-quality sound McIntosh’s complete line of products take the worry out of matching components for the best synergy, while the unimpeachable McIntosh reputation guarantees that you are buying a high performance lifestyle audio system that will last as long as you own it.