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It’s certainly nice when you can control your TV and your sound system from a remote control—mastering all your entertainment options without ever having to leave your favorite chair. But what if you could do that for, well, everything in your house? With home automation, it’s possible to make all your home systems accessible from a simple remote control, or even from your mobile phone.

Global Custom Integrations is proud to offer full consultation, design, and implementation services that will make your dream home into a reality—and that includes our distribution and installation of Savant home automation products.

What is Savant?

Savant makes it possible for you to control everything in your home from a single, simple, elegant app—one that you can easily download and access any time and anywhere. That means you can have full control over your home even when you’re not in it—even when you’re on vacation halfway across the world!

Savant also provides universal remotes that make it easy for you to toggle between cable TV, Apple TV, your favorite stereo and your favorite Blu Ray player, all with simplicity and ease.

Through Savant’s seamless whole house audio, you can ensure that your favorite playlist can be heard all over your house—or, allow different family members to select the right music for their area.

And that’s to say nothing of the options for automated lighting, temperature control, and more. Start designing your ideal automated home today; contact Global Custom Integrations at 888-593-8990 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and ask about Savant.