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For the audiophile, music isn’t just something you listen to; it’s something you experience. And likewise, for the entertainment buff, a great movie is something all-encompassing and completely immersive. That’s why it’s so vital to have a clear, pristine sound system—something that makes your entry into the music or the movie complete. And for those who care about superior sound, there is no brand more prestigious or more noteworthy than McIntosh.

At Global Custom Integrations, we proudly install McIntosh products. When we install sound systems, we want them to provide a truly robust and seamless experience; likewise, we know that our clients want only the best in their in-house entertainment equipment. For anyone interested in superior sound, then, we recommend making McIntosh part of your home theater.

The McIntosh Experience via Global Custom Integrations

At Global Custom Integrations, we proudly provide:

  • Full consultations for the home entertainment lineup of your dreams
  • Access to the best products on the market—including McIntosh
  • Full installation of your home theater and sound equipment
  • Services in automation and integration, making your house truly “smart”
  • Convenient access to whole-house sound and theater settings, all from the push of a button

To get the home theater experience of your dreams, we invite you to contact Global Custom Integrations today; ask for a consultation, and mention McIntosh products in particular! Reach us at 888-593-8990 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.