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GCI: Innovative Automation That Drives Your Life

Welcome to Global Custom (GC) Integrations, your Tri-State source for home and office automation technology and installation.

Never before has home and office automation, home theater and other high performance systems been more available to all segments of the population, while also coming with the advantage of being highly affordable and contributing to an energy conscious environment.

Imagine being able to turn all of the lights in your home with the click of a button; shading control that helps set a mood and create a lifestyle; and the ability to create an entertainment center in your home that rivals that which is found at your local movie theater.

GC Integrations is committed to providing our clients with the best and most innovative solutions for systems control and automation. Our repertoire of product offerings have the ability to meet all of your needs and enhance your home, office, and life related to:

  • Home Theater and Media Room Design and Installation
  • High Performance Distribution Sound Systems
  • Home Automation and Control Systems
  • Whole House/Office Lighting Control and Shading Systems
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Telecom Services
  • Home and Office Security and Surveillance Systems
  • Corporate Boardroom and Conference Room A/V
  • Personalized and Custom Design and Consultation
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Customer Service

GC Integrations invites you to browse our website, learn more about how we can create a fantastic and automated environment anywhere, and move your home or office into the future through the benefit of one-of-a-kind technology and customization.

Automate your life with GC Integrations and make your home or office do more for you each and every day!

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"Right from the beginning my experience with GCI was stellar. When I initially sought to install a Control4 system, GCI took the time to explain all the ins and outs of the system so I could make an informed decision on what work needed to be done. As a result, not only do I have an expertly designed and professionally installed system, Dan and Chris are always available to help with minor issues both related and unrelated to the work that was done. I couldn't be happier with the guys at GCI. I wholeheartedly recommend their work.My system is awesome!."
Aaron, F -- Harrison, NY